Hall County Sheriff’s Office Jobs: What You Can Expect When Applying and the Background Process


Step 1: Application/Release of Information

Once you have decided to apply for a Deputy or Jailer position you must fully complete the application.  An incomplete application will delay the process as all the information in the application is necessary for the background investigation to begin. So first and foremost, complete the online application AND follow the instructions for submitting the application packet with required forms to Human Resources as instructions indicate.  Once we receive a completed application and all related forms the process can begin.

Step 2: Initial Screening Process

The background investigation now begins and our personnel begin reviewing your application. This can take some time depending on the number of applications received and other background investigations currently ongoing. There are some automatic disqualifiers such a being a convicted felon, committing certain violent crimes, etc. that may preclude you from becoming a sworn officer.

Step 3: Physical Ability Assessment

The Physical Ability Assessment Course consists of a series of nine interspersed individual tasks, arranged in a continuous format that may be viewed as being essential (physical) job tasks for law enforcement training: Running, Jumping (low hurdle), Climbing stairs, Low crawling, Jumping (broad-type), Climbing a fence (chain-link/four feet), Climbing through a window, Moving/dragging a weight (150 pounds) and changing direction on the run.

Step 4: Agency Interview

If you pass the previous phase, you will move on to the agency interview if an opening is available. During this process you will be asked a series of questions and the agency will gauge your responses.

Step 5: Background Investigation

This is typically the most time consuming stage of the process. The background investigator will contact your references, check with your previous places of employment, if you have prior military service we will request your records, etc. This can take time. The more places of employment you have or the more difficult it is to contact your references the longer it may take to complete. Our goal during this process is to learn more about you based on your employment and references. Again, this step requires a lot of work and time to complete so please remember patience is a virtue.

Step 6: Polygraph Exam

Once the basic background investigation is complete, you will be scheduled to take a polygraph exam. The polygraph consists of an extensive interview with a background investigator followed by the exam. During the polygraph the interviewer asks the applicant a series of questions and observes the results.

Step 7: Psychological Exam

A psychological exam is conducted by an outside provider who will generate a report to the agency.

Step 8: Physical and Drug Screen

A medical professional will conduct a physical to determine if you are physically able to perform the tasks associated with the position for which you have applied. A drug screen is completed to determine if there are any inappropriate drugs in your system.

As you can see becoming a Deputy or Jailer is an extensive and time consuming process. These positions are very important as they deal with protecting lives, property, and serving our community. Not everyone is cut out for the positions as they involve working in harsh conditions, night shifts or rotating shifts, and often deal with dangerous situations or people. The typical law enforcement background process can take anywhere from three to six weeks (in some cases it may be longer, due to obtaining the required information, e.g., military service records). Every applicant is different and may require more or less investigation.  If you are up to the challenge we look forward to making you part of our team.